Fest Forum Day at Planet in Focus has three amazing documentaries lined up which include 45 minute panel discussions following each screening! Join us at Innis Town Hall​ on Saturday, October 22nd to see the following three films and engage the issues presented with the experts on the panel. Explore the three films below!

Also of note – Fest Forum Day is FREE FOR STUDENTS! (*students get in free when they show a valid Student ID at the door. Free tickets cannot be redeemed online)

10 Billion: What’s On Your Plate

Valentin Thurn Germany | 2015 | Documentary | 52 min | 14A

Within the 21st century, the global population will surpass 10 billion, a figure that current methods of agricultural production cannot hope to sustain. Author, filmmaker, and self-proclaimed “food fighter” Valentin Thurn (Taste the Waste) set out in search of solutions to this looming crisis, documenting his discoveries in 10 Billion – What’s on Your Plate?

Seeking ecologically and economically viable innovations, Thurn travels the world, consulting small-scale farmers and industrial producers alike. Among his destinations are an Indian seed bank, a Thai insect farm, urban gardens in the US and UK, and a Dutch university cultivating lab-grown beef that is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. A richly diverse and rigorously researched survey, 10 Billion offers an absorbing vision of the future of sustainable food.


  • Valentin Thurn, Director
  • Marc Green, Backyard Urban Farming Co.
  • Bashir Munye, My Little Dumplings Restaurant


Denis Delestrac| Spain/France | 2016 | Documentary | 83 min | G

Co-presented by Alliance Française Toronto

This intensely critical doc is an eye-opening look at the invisible network of thousands of container ships constantly crisscrossing the globe, keeping the industrialized world spinning. From the history behind industrialization, to the impact of cheap transportation costs on global manufacturing processes, this film utilizes expert opinions and informative narration, alongside behind-the-scenes looks at factory conditions in the places where much of the final product assembly, is done to tell the story of a rich society running on the consumption of cheap goods, and the cost of this insatiable appetite on the world.


  • Denis Delestrac, Director
  • Eric Miller, Economic Literacy Project

To The Ends Of The Earth

David Lavallee Canada | 2016 | Documentary | 83 min / G canleaf_small

Co-presented by Ryerson Image Centre and sponsored by SolarShare

Having explored the risks to western Canada’s waterways created by the Alberta oil sands in White Water, Black Gold (a Planet in Focus selection in 2011), filmmaker David Lavallee now turns his attention to the wider impact of oil and gas extraction in the “new energy” age. Since the peak of crude oil production a decade ago, the fossil fuel industry has been forced to resort to costly and unconventional methods of extraction—arctic drilling and shale gas fracking among them—giving rise to unprecedented economic and environmental hazards. Narrated by Emma Thompson, To the Ends of the Earth is a comprehensive investigation of the increasingly intensive hunt for untapped non-renewables. Lavallee’s latest is also a forum for a formidable array of scientists, authors, and activists, including Naomi Klein, who envision a post-growth economic future, premised on cooperation, social justice, and ecological stewardship.


  • David Lavalle, Director
  • Dr. Thomas Haubenreisser, Vice President Solar Share
  • Joanna Kerr, Executive Director Greenpeace Canada
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