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October 11, 2016
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October 14, 2016

See Freightened in Toronto & Meet The Filmmaker!

When you purchase a ticket in advance to see Denis Delestrac’s latest and most controversial film Freightened (2016) screening on October 22nd, you can use that ticket to join the Master Class with the filmmaker on Friday, October 21st FOR FREE! During the Master Class, Delestrac will speak about Freightened and how his journey to expose the truth has driven his filmmaking career.

This intensely critical doc is an eye-opening look at the invisible network of thousands of container ships constantly crisscrossing the globe, keeping the industrialized world spinning.

From the history behind industrialization, to the impact of cheap transportation costs on global manufacturing processes, this film utilizes expert opinions and informative narration, alongside behind-the-scenes looks at factory conditions in the places where much of the final product assembly, is done to tell the story of a rich society running on the consumption of cheap goods, and the cost of this insatiable appetite on the world.

Watch the trailer.


During our Industry Series Conference this year, Award-winning filmmaker and environmentalist Denis Delestrac (Sand Wars, Pax Americana) uses his latest and most controversial film  ‘Freightened’ to discuss how his journey to expose the truth has driven his filmmaking career.

Show your ticket for Freightened (2016), screening on Saturday October 22nd, and get in to this Master Class on Friday October 21st FOR FREE!


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