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October 13, 2016
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October 16, 2016

Eco-Heroes: Next Generation With David Suzuki

Planet in Focus has selected 10 Young Environmentalists to join our 2016 Eco-Hero David Suzuki in a round table discussion on how to change the world! Meet our 10 round table participants, read the questions they will be posing and tune in online to watch the conversation on October 18th, 1:30pm via LIVE-STREAM.

Hannah Alper, age 13

This is a two-part question. Your daughter Severn was my first role model and made me realize how important it is for young people to find positive role models. I know that you were her first role model. Does being a father make you a better activist or does being an activist make you a better father?

AND What is the biggest thing that you taught her and what is the biggest thing that she taught you?

Jonah Bryson, age 16

Climate Change is already displacing people around the world. How do you suggest countries adapt to the growing influx of immigration and shortage of food and water?

Rachel Parent, age 17 

Why does the conversation around climate change only focus on reducing industrial carbon output and doesn’t consider the major contribution from our modern industrial farming practices, including chemical intensive Genetically Modified crops and greenhouse gas producing Confined Animal Farming Operations, or the need to sequester carbon from the atmosphere through regenerative farming practices?

Amanda Harvey-Sanchez, age 20

Young people are taught to follow the rules and are praised for working within the system. But the system we have now has led to catastrophic problems such as climate change. Nonviolent civil disobedience is one tactic that breaks rules and challenges systems, and it has historically been effective at bringing about social change. How do you think young people should approach nonviolent civil disobedience?

Akeesha Footman, age 22

What advice would you give young people who want to work to protect environmental rights?

Ryan Storm, age 15

If there was only one thing you would urge every high school student to do in order to bring about positive change, what would it be?

Asha Mior, 14

How can you encourage the Canadian Government to ban fracking?

Ruth Midgley, age 25

How do you deal with working closely with environmental issues everyday, being confronted by the arguably bleak reality of our future, and not let it overwhelm you?

Arani Kulumurugan, age 16

My one question for Dr.Suzuki would be how he managed to get people that may not have cared for our environment to listen, and take action to protect our planet.

Kevin Matthew Wong, age 22

How do you shape stories and ideas to connect widely with audiences across Canada?


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