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October 25, 2016
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The Source Shop: Supporting Films For A Better World

Planet In Focus Profiles Louise Nardella, Owner of The Source Shop

“There should be a mandatory class in school that is just about teaching kids how to be kinder to the planet.”

Louise Nardella, owner of The Source Shop located in Toronto’s Liberty Village, has been a generous supporter of Planet In Focus for several years now. This year for the festival she has kindly donated a personalized director’s chair and a generous gift certificate to her business.

Back in 1993 The Source Shop was opened to fill in a void in the Toronto film scene by its original owner Adrian Goldberg, a lighting designer who owned some rental equipment. After six months in business he was fatefully introduced to Nardella, who would eventually take over the business. “He saw a need for an expendable supply company so went in that direction and took a chance on me,” explained Nardella. “I had a background as a buyer in the electronics industry and knew quite a few people working in film, which is how we were introduced.” From then on she would talk with clients to see what they needed and started to build a reputation for providing products that weren’t available elsewhere. “No was something I didn’t like to say,” said Nardella. “And in 2000, Adrian was involved in so many other businesses, some out of country, we made a deal and that’s how I took over the business.”

Soon after taking over The Source Shop, the film industry in Toronto fell into a bit of a slump. While times were tough, she did the best she could to support some smaller film festivals. As business started to pick up, she decided to focus her sponsorship opportunities on projects that she cared most for. Cue Planet In Focus Environmental Film Festival. “As the business regained strength, I was open to a bit more sponsorship, but it had to be directed in an area that I was passionate about,” she says. “Planet In Focus met the criteria for me.” The environmental film festival was first to reach out for support. “I do my best to help promote the festival but the business keeps me very busy,” she said. “We are a very small staff and all wear a lot of different hats.”

While Planet In Focus falls in line with her passion, her greatest environmental concern is excess waste and pollution. “What we have done in just one century without thinking of the consequences is insane to me,” she explains. “The power that the oil industry and pharmaceutical industry has sickens me.” Even though she sees huge environmental challenges to overcome, Louise does have faith in today’s youth who are getting involved with more and more green initiatives. “It’s up to them to try to correct the damage done,” she explains. “There should be a mandatory class in school that is just about teaching kids how to be kinder to the planet.”

The Source Shop: Production Industry Equipment and Supplies.

Louise Nardella, Owner of The Source Shop


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