Photographs by Alberto Bobbera

When: Opening Night Gala Reception – Thurs, Oct 21, 2016

Where: 918 Bathurst St., Toronto


Along the side of the road, some people do not really exist. We might see them, but we do not look at them, consider their feelings, nor imagine their lives. In Italy, the 48,000 such people are growing in number.

Alberto Bobbera turned his camera towards the side of the road. It started with eye contact, building human relationships with Stefi, Marco, Fatou, Fawaz, Giorgio, Egidio and Christiana. They met at Massimo Bottura’s Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan. He listened to their stories, and visited the places that meant something important to them. Then, he took pictures. Portraits, but also details: buildings, roads, empty places.

These photographs were taken in 2015, when Peter Svatek was making the movie Theater of Life. Bobbera focused on its main characters and their private lives. Of all the images he shot, those selected for this exhibition create an intimacy that is open-ended and an attitude far from patronizing.

All proceeds from the photographs will go to Chef Massimo Bottura’s FOOD FOR SOUL Foundation.


Glacier Ice from Kluane National Park

by Evan Steingarten

When: Fri, Oct 21 – Sun, Oct 23

Where: Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave. 

Like much of the north and glaciers worldwide, Kluane is experiencing increased melting due to global warming.  These photographs display the wonder, power, and fragility of nature, while illustrating the amazing and varied shapes created by the glacier ice and how similar shapes reappear in varying forms.  Reflecting the connection and conflict between natural and human design.  Large photographic prints mounted in an open cube format allow viewers to be surrounded by images, creating an immersive space to consider the texture, beauty, and variety of the glacier ice, the thousands of years it takes to be created, and its importance in nature.  Creating a place to contemplate humanity’s complicated, troubled, but perhaps hopeful relationship with nature.