Live festival screenings will take place from October 14-16 and 23rd at the newly renovated Paradise Theatre, 1006 Bloor St. W., Toronto


Fashion Reimagined

SNEAK PREVIEW – Friday, October 14 at the Paradise Theatre // 7pm

Directors: Becky Hutner | Country: United Kingdom | Length: 1:24:00 | Watch the Trailer

Co-presented by VSP Consignment, BEDI and Fashion Takes Action


Julian Carrington Moderator, Planet in Focus Programmer
Kelly Drennan Fashion Takes Action
Inder Bedi BEDI

Fashion designer Amy Powney of cult label Mother of Pearl is a rising star in the London fashion scene. Raised off-the-grid in rural England by activist parents, Amy has always felt uneasy about the devastating environmental impact of her industry. When she wins the coveted Vogue Award for the Best Young Designer of the Year, which comes with a big cash prize, Amy decides to use the money to create a sustainable collection from field to finished garment, and transform her entire business. Over the following three years, her own personal revolution becomes the precursor of a much bigger, societal change.


The Fire Within

LIVE ONLY – Friday, October 14 at the Paradise // 9:30pm

Director: Werner Herzog | Country: UK | Length: 1:21:00 | Watch the Trailer

Co-presented by Doc Institute and CINSUU

A feature-length documentary by Werner Herzog about the legendary French volcanologists, Maurice and Katia Krafft. Mt. Unzen, Kyushu, Japan.  At 3:18pm, on June 3rd 1991, a pyroclastic flow – a cloud of superheated gases and particles – descended at over 100mph from the peak of the volcano, consuming everything in its path.  It instantly killed Katia and Maurice Krafft, volcanologists and filmmakers from the Alsace region in France. They were too close. They were almost always too close. On the day before they died, Maurice said in an interview: “I am never afraid, because I’ve seen so many eruptions in 25 years that, even if I die tomorrow, I don’t care.”  The Kraffts left an archive of over 200 hours of footage, unprecedented in its spectacular and hypnotic beauty. Werner Herzog who had access to the entire archive, created a film that cannot be categorized. It is not a biography. It is a rather a requiem celebrating the legacy of Katia and Maurice Krafft.


Beyond Extinction: Sinixt Resurgence

Saturday, October 15 at the Paradise Theatre // 3pm

Director: Ali Kazimi | Country: Canada | Length: 1:42:00 | Watch the Trailer

Join us for a live Q&A with the filmmaker following the screening.

Beyond Extinction traces Indigenous matriarchs who revive traditions and fight to save an ancient burial ground in BC’ Slocan Valley. Declared “extinct” by the Indian Act, the film documents their intimate living histories and their decades long struggle for recognition. It weaves together observational footage, contemporary interviews, oral histories, survival stories told by matriarchs, personal as well as public archives, to tell a story never told before. This documentary traces through generations to find out how the Indian Act, colonialism, residential schools, and borders led to the Canadian government declaring the Sinixt people to be “extinct”.

The live screening on Saturday, October 15th will be preceded by the short film NUISANCE BEAR (Canada, 14mins)


Eulogy for the Dead Sea

Saturday, October 15 at the Paradise Theatre // 7pm

Director: Polina Teif | Country: Canada | Length: 1:20:00 | Watch the Trailer

Join us on Saturday, October 15th at 7pm for a screening of Eulogy for the Dead Sea featuring the live Eco-Hero Presentation with Manvi Bhalla at the Paradise Theatre, followed by a live Q&A with the filmmakers.

Eulogy for the Dead Sea is a poetic experimental documentary chronicling the disappearance of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea borders Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. It constitutes the lowest place on earth and is known for its therapeutic high-sodium and mineral-rich waters. Despite its name, the Dead Sea basin is a host to many wildlife species and the Jordan Valley in which it is situated enjoys a warm climate and fertile soil. Unfortunately, due to the diversion of water from the Jordan River and mass mineral extraction through evaporation pools, the Dead Sea’s water reduction currently measures at 1.3m annually. Through sites of existing and abandoned infrastructure, marking its current and former shores, the film seeks to unify inter-national conflicts through the lens of ecology.


Invisible Demons

LIVE ONLY – Sunday, October 16 at the Paradise Theatre // 3pm

Directors: Rahul Jain | Country: India | Length: 1:10:00 | Watch the Trailer

In a sprawling mega city where the dangers of climate change are present not future, acclaimed filmmaker Rahul Jain shows a world on the brink. Told through striking images and eye-opening accounts from everyday citizens, Invisible Demons delivers a visceral and immersive journey through the stories of just a few of Delhi’s 30 million inhabitants fighting to survive. Invisible Demons offers a deeply experiential and new perspective on its subject: the clear and present climate reality. Jain engages the senses by directly stimulating our desire to live in a world with equitable access to clean air and water. Is it possible to imagine this future in Delhi, in India, or anywhere in the modern world?


Geographies of Solitude

LIVE ONLY – Sunday, October 16 at the Paradise Theatre // 7pm

Directors: Jaqueline Mills | Country: Canada | Length: 1:03:00 | Watch the Trailer

Join us on Sunday, October 16th at 7pm for a screening of Geographies of Solitude featuring the live Eco-Hero Presentation with film subject Zoe Lucas at the Paradise Theatre

Geographies of Solitude is an immersion into the rich ecosystem of Sable Island, guided by naturalist and environmentalist Zoe Lucas who has lived over 40 years on this remote sliver of land in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Shot on 16mm and created using a scope of innovative eco-friendly filmmaking techniques, this feature-length experimental documentary is a playful and reverent collaboration with the natural world. Zoe leads us among wild horses, seals and bugs, through peaks, valleys, roots, sands, weathers, seasons and stars. The intangible is evoked with hidden sounds and vanishing light. Much like a field book, the film tracks its protagonist’s labor to collect, clean and document marine litter that persistently washes up on the island shores.


ZOE LUCAS, 2022 Canadian Eco-Hero


Zoe received an MFA in 1977 from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and then taught part-time in the goldsmithing department. In 1974, while at NSCAD, she began working on Sable Island as a volunteer cook and field assistant with a Dalhousie University seal research team, and after a few seasons continued on the island as manager/technician for the terrain restoration program. By 1982, Zoe was involved full-time with Sable projects, conducting various research and monitoring programs including studies of persistent litter in the marine environment, and shark predation on seals. Long-term projects include research on the island’s horses, beach surveys for oiled seabirds and stranded cetaceans, and biodiversity studies (mosses, lichens, fungi, and invertebrates). Results of research programs have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as in newsletters and magazines. In 2002 Zoe established the Green Horse Society, in 2004 became a Research Associate with the Nova Scotia Museum, and in 2008 received an Honorary Doctorate from Dalhousie University. For ten years, Zoe partnered with the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax to organize a series of annual public meetings about Sable Island.

Into the Ice


Sunday, October 23 at the Paradise Theatre // 6:30pm

Director: Lars Ostenfeld | Country: Denmark | Length: 1:30:00 | Watch the Trailer

Join us on Sunday, October 23rd at 6:30pm for Closing Night with Into the Ice and the live Eco-Hero Presentation with Christiana Figueres at the Paradise Theatre


Into the Ice is a journey of discovery to the vast masses of ice and the secret of our future that the ice harbours. Director Lars Ostenfeld accompanies three of the world’s leading glaciologists on pioneering scientific expeditions to and into the Greenland ice sheet.  Cool and hardworking Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, sensitive and politically engaged Jason Box, and daring and fearless Alun Hubbard are all working to collect new crucial data that can help us answer some key questions of our time:  How fast is the ice melting? How quickly are sea levels rising? How much time do we have left to change the course of the Earth? As the scientists are caught in the dilemma of collecting new evidence to an inconvenient truth while people in power are not prepared to take action to prevent the earth from dying, the film brings us breathtaking images from a place that soon will be lost as we know it now.  A documentary tale about science, nature and adventure.

Christiana Figueres speaks at Countdown Global Launch 2020. October 10, 2020. Photo courtesy of TED.

CHRISTIANA FIGUERES, 2022 International Eco-Hero


Christiana Figueres is a Costa Rican citizen and an internationally recognized leader on climate change. She was Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) from 2010 to 2016. During her tenure at the UNFCCC, Ms. Figueres brought together national and sub-national governments, corporations and activists, financial institutions and NGOs to jointly deliver the historic Paris Agreement on climate change, in which 195 sovereign nations agreed on a collaborative path forward to limit future global warming to well below 2°C, and strive for 1.5°Cin order to protect the most vulnerable. For this achievement Ms. Figueres has been credited with forging a new brand of collaborative diplomacy and received multiple awards. Since then Ms. Figueres has continued to accelerate the global response to climate change. Today she is the co-founder of Global Optimism, co-host of the podcast Outrage + Optimism and is the co-author of “The Future We Choose: The Stubborn Optimists’ Guide to the Climate CrisisMs. Figueres sits on multiple executive and advisory boards and is a frequent public speaker and media commentator. She is a graduate of Swarthmore College and the London School of Economics. She lives in Costa Rica and has two fantastic daughters.

The Family Program


Wings Over Water

Saturday, October 15 at the Paradise Theatre // 12pm

Director: Andrew Young | Country: USA, Canada | Length: 0:44:00 | Watch the Trailer

As the glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age, they left an astounding gift of connected rivers, lakes and wetlands across the heartland of North America. Today, these largely unknown water highways remain an oasis for sustaining wildlife. From the herds of bison that still roam the Great Plains to the vital honeybees that pollinate our crops and especially for the millions of magnificent birds that migrate along these “flyways.”  Wings Over Water tells the story of the epic journeys of three amazing bird families – the Sandhill Crane, the Yellow Warbler and the Mallard Duck – with extraordinary footage of their fascinating behaviors, as they head home to raise their young.

Join us for snacks at 11am, followed by short films at 12pm, a musical interlude with Eva Stone-Barney at 12:20pm and the feature presentation of Wings Over Water at 12:30pm!

Eva Stone-Barney is a mezzo-soprano and portfolio artist from Montreal, Quebec. She is currently completing a Masters degree in musicology at the University of Toronto (studying with Laura Tucker), where her research focuses on issues of voice, identity, and performance format.  Previously, she earned a Bachelor’s of Music in classical voice from McGill University (with Tracy Smith Bessette). Praised for her musicality and proficiency in various styles, Eva performs regularly as both a soloist and ensemble singer across Canada, and works as a music journalist, and arts administrator.

Watch the Feet

The footprint uses its 5 toes to easily explain the 5 stages of a life cycle that should be considered when making a new purchase and gives additional examples on how viewers can reduce their impact.

Spirit of the Forest

A little girl stumbles into a sacred grove near her village in south India. She disturbs the spirit of the forest, who takes her on an adventure to illuminate the origins of this ancient swampland.

Packing a Wave

A young shipwreck arrives unconscious to an apparently paradisiacal desert island. After waking up she explores the island and discovers that it is a landfill. Only creative recycling and reusing can help her leave safely.