David Suzuki and 10 Next Generation Eco-Heroes met to discuss how to change the world.

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Hannah Alper

Hannah Alper launched her blog,,  at nine years old, to share her growing concern for environmental issues and show that small, everyday actions can lead to big change. She has since emerged as an impassioned public speaker and has shared her optimism on the WE Day and TEDx stages. Engaging her audience on social media, Hannah uses her voice to motivate and empower people of all ages to identify Read More

Jonah Bryson

Born and raised in the southern France, I fell in love with exploring all the Mediterranean Sea had to offer, and I deeply connected with the underwater world. At the early age of 12, I decided to undertake my first feature film,, A Sweet Spot in Time. This co-production with undersea explorer and producer Fabien Cousteau, features world-renowned personalities including Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, Read More

Akeesha Footman

Waynaboozhoo, miigwanehsiik nidizhnikaaz waabeshayshi ndodem Toronto ndindaa. Hello, My name is Little Feather, I am Marten Clan, and I live in Toronto. My family roots are in Manitou Rapids, Treaty 3 Territory in Northwestern Ontario and Europe. I am a visual artist, storyteller, traditional knowledge carrier and proud Anishinaabe Oshkiniikwe. Read More

Amanda Harvey-Sanchez

Amanda grew up hearing about climate change from her parents. She has been involved in environmental initiatives from a young age, but it wasn’t until joining her campus fossil fuel divestment campaign in 2014 that she learned to approach climate activism from a social justice perspective. Working on divestment, she has had the opportunity to engage with related social issues including Indigenous rights, anti-racism, and feminist activism. Read More

Arani Kulamurugan

Arani Kulamurugan, a grade 11 student at Marc Garneau CI, has been heavily involved in environmental rights since grade seven. In grade nine she joined Ontario Nature’s Youth Council, and got the opportunity to intern at Ontario Nature as the Youth Pollinator Conservation Intern. Most of her work pertains to advocacy and educating the public about Ontario’s wild, natural pollinators,  Read More

Kevin Matthew – Wong

Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Broadleaf Theatre, a company that creates theatrical work based on local, national and global environmental issues. My driving goal is to merge the worlds of theatre and environmental activism. I’ve created work based on the national boil-water crisis, the Pickering nuclear plant, Read More

Ruth Midgley

Ruth is currently completing a bachelor degree in Environmental Studies and Conservation Biology at the University of Toronto. During her time at UofT Ruth has helped increase awareness of environmental issues among students through the “It’s Greener Here” campaign and the “Veggie Mondays” program, which later received the U of T Read More

Asha Mior

A 14 year old high school student, Asha Mior balances school and homework with working to make the world a better place. When she was in Grade 5, Asha became interested in climate change while working on a school project.  She founded a Go Green club at her elementary school, but Asha soon decided to share her passion and concern for environmental issues with the world. Read More

Rachel Parent

Rachel Parent Age 17,  she is  an Environmental youth  activist,  vocal advocate for  social justice, youth  health, animal rights  and responsible consumption. She is thefounder of Kids Right To Know  and for the past five years she has positioned herself as a strong Mandatory GMO Labeling  advocate. At age 14, Rachel debated celebrity Host  Kevin O’Leary and Amanda Lang Read More

Ryan Storm

Ryan calls himself “Chief Eater and Food Enthusiast” of his blog, He lives in Toronto with his family and claims to have good taste (no pun intended), and in his quest to eat healthy, organic, and local foods, he reviews and share all that he deems good! Ryan started his blog reviewing restaurants in 2008, when he was 8 years old. Read More




Adria Vasil

Adria Vasil is an environmental journalist and the bestselling author of the Ecoholic book series. She’s been writing the Ecoholic column for Toronto’s NOW Magazine since 2004, offering up environmental news, interviews and green product reviews. Website