Join us for three thought provoking films followed by post-screening panel discussions with topic experts

This year’s fest forum topics include solar technology, sustainable cities, and immigration. Each panel is filled with experts who will share their perspective and answer your questions to further explore the film themes.

WHEN: Saturday October 27, 2018

WHERE: Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Avenue (U of T Campus)

TICKETS: $15 General Admission — Free rush tickets for students (with ID)


Directed by Quinn Kanaly & Noel Dockstader


WHEN: Saturday, October 27, 1:00pm

WHERE: Innis Town Hall

In 2015, two Swiss pilots, Bertrand Piccard a balloonist and psychiatrist and André Borschberg, an engineer and entrepreneur, took on the groundbreaking feat of flying the world’s first solar powered plane around the world. Point of No Return follows their amazing flight in The Solar Impulse aircraft. A delicate machine, vulnerable to the slightest of changes in weather, the “Solar Impulse” takes them on a risky and unpredictable flight. The pilots, and their team of engineers push themselves beyond mental and physical exhaustion so that they can conquer astonishing distances—particularly from Japan to Hawaii while battling the weather. Inspiring in its portrayal of human determination and imagination, the film beautifully demonstrates what renewable energy has to offer for the future of air travel but also makes us wonder how much more we can achieve on land. It is a flight of the imagination made real.

In discussion with:

Quinn Kanaly & Noel Dockstader

The Filmmakers

Creative partners for over a decade, filmmakers Noel Dockstader and Quinn Kanaly tell thought-provoking, impactful stories about science, history and exploration. When they learned of Solar Impulse’s audacious zero-fuel flight, they knew it had the potential to be one of the most important pioneering adventures of our time—and they felt compelled to capture it. Over ten months, Noel and Quinn found themselves on opposite sides of the world, tracking the unfolding drama both on the tarmac and at mission control—connected only by their cell phones and a shared vision for Point of No Return. Read More

Joel Longland

Community Investment & Marketing Manager, SolarShare

Joel manages SolarShare’s sales, communications and member recruitment. Over the past eight years, he has worked in the corporate sustainability sector and developed partnerships between businesses, NGOs and governments. Driven by the belief that business can and should be a force for good, Joel has helped the SolarShare team develop a total of 49 solar projects in Ontario with the support of 1,600 local investors. Joel holds a BBA in Marketing, an MBA in Sustainable Business, and is Vice-President for the charity Charlie’s FreeWheels which connects youth with cycling.

Irene Lam

Associate, Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS

Irene is an Associate at the Advanced Energy Centre (AEC) at MaRS. As part of the AEC, she works with partners and energy sector stakeholders to address the barriers to energy innovation adoption and build capacity as the sector undergoes significant changes. Irene leads our Newtonian Shift business strategy game sessions, which involve using a life-sized board game to simulate multiple years of energy sector transformation – in just one day. Read More

Florence Pasche Guignard


Florence Pasche Guignard holds a PhD in religious studies from the Université de Lausanne (Switzerland). Her research explores issues at the intersection of religion and ritual, digital and material cultures, embodiment, and gender. Her postdoctoral research, conducted at the University of Toronto, was entitled “Natural Parenting in the Digital Age: At the Confluence of Mothering, Religion, Environmentalism and Technology.” She is presently a course instructor at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada). Website: http://fpg.bio/


Directed by Chad Freidrichs


WHEN: Saturday, October 27, 4:00pm

WHERE: Innis Town Hall

In the 1960’s Athelstan Spilhause, inventor, scientist and philosopher, proposed the creation of the city of the future, entirely built from scratch, making use of all of the latest technology to provide solutions to the problems facing daily metropolitan life: waste, pollution, transportation, etc. The Experimental City, which was to be constructed in Minnesota, attracted the attention of key American figures of the time, including Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Buckminster Fuller as well as civil rights and military leaders. This expertly designed film, which recreates the look and feel of the Sixties, evokes a period of optimism, when people thought that science and advanced thinkers could resolve any dilemma. Ironically, this creative doc turns into a cautionary tale as citizens of Minnesota ended up opposing the project. Come dive into a time when an Experimental City could be envisioned–if not realized.

In discussion with:

Zoya Sodhi

Project Manager, Future Cities Canada

Zoya leads the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of a wide portfolio of projects under Evergreen’s Future Cities Canada initiative. She has previously worked with an international consultancy and a premier urban think tank to execute pilot projects, research, stakeholder collaborations, knowledge exchange and capacity building efforts on climate change, low carbon innovation and smart cities in India and Switzerland. Read More

Mark Bekkering

Manager of Research and Policy, City of Toronto’s Environment and Energy Division

Mark is currently the Manager of Research and Policy in the Environment and Energy Division for the City of Toronto. His team is responsible for leading the research and development process & guiding implementation of major community-wide environmental strategies, policies, regulations, & programs. Read More

Mazyar Mortazavi


Mazyar Mortazavi is the President and CEO of TAS, a firm committed to thoughtful, inclusive city-building of mixed-use developments. TAS is a vertically-integrated firm that undertakes the building of ground-up, mixed-use development and residential purpose-built rental, asset and property management, as well as its own proprietary private equity platform.  A visionary leader, Mazyar lead the TAS team to become both a B Corp accredited benefit corporation, as well as the first development firm to be designated as a Social Impact company through the SVX, an initiative of the TSX Group and MaRS.  Read More


Directed by Timothy George Kelly


WHEN: Saturday, October 27, 7:00pm

WHERE: Innis Town Hall

A seismic disruption of the Western neoliberal order, the UK’s shock decision to leave the European Union in June of 2016 was a harbinger of an ascendant nativism, soon echoed on this side of the Atlantic. Seeking to add nuance to a bitterly polarized debate, as well as to puncture the filter bubbles that so effectively delimit our media diets, filmmaker Timothy George Kelly conducts an even-handed and non-judgmental survey of Britons of all stripes, soliciting input from dozens of ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ voters alike. The result is an elegant, engaging, and, at times, darkly comic document of a population gripped by anxiety—concerning immigration, globalization, and automation, most notably—and deeply skeptical of political elites. Supplementing these candid vox pops with contextualizing analysis from scholars including Noam Chomsky and Saskia Sassen, Brexitannia is essential viewing for anyone seeking a clearer understanding of the forces, both micro and macro, that animate our fraught geopolitical moment.

In discussion with:

Sheila Murray

Writer and filmmaker

Sheila Murray was born a mix of Jamaican black and English white in 1950s Britain. Raised in the UK, she remains deeply connected to the British landscape despite her decades in Canada. Sheila has made documentary films including a suite of three for Amnesty International Canada on aspects of refugee law. She is a published fiction writer whose current work explores the ways in which climate change further divides us by race and privilege.  Read More

Willem Maas

Professor in Political Science, York University

Willem Maas (PhD Yale) is Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, Glendon College, York University. His works include Creating European Citizens, which argues that European integration involves not only economic cooperation but also a political project of transcending borders and building a European community of people Read More

Michelle Egan

Professor and in the School of International Service, American University

Michelle Egan is currently a Council of Foreign Relations Fellow (CFR) in Canada. She is a Professor in the School of International Service at American University in Washington DC, and a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center, a non-partisan think tank. Michelle Egan has published a number of books and articles on European and American politics and is currently working on a new book on US-Canadian trade politics as well as articles on European integration, globalization and law. Read More

Julian Carrington


Julian Carrington is Distribution Manager at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. He oversees the Festival’s distribution marketplace, including the Distribution Rendezvous pitch meeting program, and the Doc Shop, the Festival’s on-demand industry screening library. Julian also currently serves as a programmer with Toronto’s Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival. Previously, he acted as an associate programmer with the Toronto International Film Festival, and, from 2015 to 2017, managed the Documentary Organization of Canada’s Festival Concierge service.