Saturday, October 21, 2017
The Al Green Theatre at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre
12:30 PM
Q&A following the film

Co-presented by: Queer West Film Festival and Toronto Trans Alliance


Derek Hallquist | USA | 2016 | Documentary | 74 min | G

Is our society ready to rely solely on renewable energy? That question is key to Derek Hallquist’s personal documentary, Denial. He creates an intimate character study of his father, Dave, the CEO of a Vermont electric utility company. Dave has expansive knowledge of the grid, and is well aware of electricity’s impact on climate change. However, he is faced with his duty to the company to supply their services. As a partial solution, he advocates for a “smart grid.” While Dave and his company are changing, he is going through a significant personal transition. Derek captures the moment when Dave reveals to him that he has always been a woman on the inside. Dave, now as Christine, continues fighting against a binary worldview when it comes to saving the environment and her own wellbeing.


Derek Hallquist – Director

Derek Hallquist has been behind the camera his entire adult life. A go-to shooter for filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, Derek was Director of Photography for The House I Live In, which won the 2012 Grand Jury Prize for Documentary and aired on Independent Lens. He also shot extensively for Reagan, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011 and won an Emmy Award. Derek began his professional career on a number of television shows, including programs for Discovery, the Travel Channel and TLC. He was Director of Photography on the show My First Home for its debut season. Derek’s production company, Green River Pictures, LLC, in 2011 released his short documentary The Opiate Effect, which has been shown in over 50 schools and used in Rehab Clinics around the nation. Denial is Derek’s first feature film as director.

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The Snow Guardian

Morgan  Heim USA  | 2016 | Short Film | 5 min | G

The meticulous journals of a reclusive mountaineer provide an unlikely 40-year history of climate change in central Colorado.

Morgan Heim – Director

Morgan (“Mo”) Heim has a background in zoology and a MA in Environmental Journalism from the University of Colorado. She uses photography and film to share stories of humans and nature. Mo is an alumna of the Missouri Photo Workshop, an Associate Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, and a board member of the North American Nature Photography Association. She’s been sneezed on by a whale, stampeded by bison and nearly mistaken for salmon by hungry grizzly bears. Mo lives in Gunnison, CO and joined Day’s Edge as a producer in January 2015.

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