Sunday, October 22, 2017
The Al Green Theatre at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre
2:30 PM
Q&A following the film

Co-presented by: Toronto Vegetarian Association

Allison Argo | United States | 2017 | Documentary | 53 min | PG
An intimate and empathetic reflection on the treatment of animals, The Last Pig follows Bob Comis, an ethical pig farmer for ten years, who becomes entangled in remorse caused by raising animals for slaughter. The film unfolds much like Bob’s day on the farm: pointedly, gently, and contemplatively. Six-time Emmy award-winning wildlife and conservation filmmaker Allison Argo captures viewers through footage of the sprawling farm, gardens, and drove of pigs, and further immerses viewers through overlain narration in which Bob bares his disconcerted soul. The film is deeply expressive, allowing room for viewers to think and feel alongside Bob as he emotionally and practically transitions out of a life spent ‘peddling in death.’ The film is a meditative approach to animal activism.


Allison Argo - Director

For the past 25 years, Allison Argo has produced, directed, written and edited documentaries focusing on endangered and abused wildlife. Known for her emotionally-charged stories and disarmingly intimate portraits, Argo and her films have won six national Emmys (11 nominations), a duPont Columbia, and over 50 awards internationally. All of her films have been broadcast by PBS and National Geographic, reaching audiences worldwide. The Last Pig, which was completed in February 2017, is Argo’s first independent feature film. It was made possible through in-kind services and crowdfunding.

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We Were Hunters

Nimisha Mukerji | Canada | 2017 | Short Film | 16 min | 14A | canleaf_small

Profiling a lion hunter from rural Saskatchewan, Canadian documentarian Nimisha Mukerji provides an intimate counterpoint to the sensationalism that greeted Cecil’s headline-making demise.

Nimisha Mukerji - Producer / Director

Nimisha Mukerji is a two-time CSA nominated director whose work has been featured on Disney, Amazon, VICE and the CBC. Mukerji has been an episodic director for Disney XD's teen sci-fi comedy series Mech-X4 and the Amazon series Dino Dana produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment. Mukerji has also directed on the VICE series PAYDAY, NatGeo's Border Security and CBC's We Are Canada and Keeping Canada Safe. Her features include 65_RedRoses (commissioned by the CBC and Oprah's Documentary Club and acquired by Hulu and Netflix) and Tempest Storm (for Super Channel, ARTE & SWR) which was released theatrically by Mongrel Media last year.