Saturday, October 21, 2017
The Al Green Theatre at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre
9:00 PM
Q&A following the film

Co-presented by: Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

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Nikolaus Geyrhalter | Switzerland/Germany/Austria | 2016 | Documentary | 94 min | G

Another entrancing meditation from Austrian master Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Our Daily Bread), Homo Sapiens envisions a world in which humanity is conspicuous by its absence. At once stunning and austere, Geyrhalter’s film is a work of superb formal elegance, comprised of a series of fixed-camera tableaus, unadorned by narration or non-diegetic sound. The subjects of his camera’s gaze are abandoned spaces from around the globe—a decrepit shopping mall, a decaying cathedral, a derelict rollercoaster rising from the ocean waves—sites marked by the products of human industry, but whose human occupants appear to have long-since vanished. In each scene, the nonhuman world is slowly but surely reclaiming the landscape and reasserting its primacy, providing a poignant reminder that our stewardship of the planet is tenuous indeed.


Nikolaus Geyrhalter - Director

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The Big City

Evan Luchkow | Canada | 2017 | Short Film | 6 min | G | canleaf_small

Human activity appears to dominate our planet's urban spaces, but this microscopic investigation of Vancouver’s busiest intersections invites us to reconsider our perceptions.

Evan Luchkow - Director

Evan Luchkow is a filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. He graduated with a BA in Science, Technology & Society from the University of Alberta, and continues to draw inspiration from the character-building Alberta winters. He brings his enthusiasm for science to his films which have screened across Canada and around the world.