Saturday, October 21, 2017
Innis Deluxe Screening Room
7:30 PM

Co-presented by: Oiko Credit and Inside Out


Laura Herrero Garvín | Mexico | 2016 | Documentary | 73 min | PG

Family dramas play out against the backdrop of environmental degradation in this evocative poetic film about a flood-prone riverside community in Mexico. Pedro, a trans farmer, dreams of building a home, finding a partner and transitioning fully. Esther, their sister, documents her family and community life and aspirations for her children with a small, hard-won camcorder. The tangible effects of climate change are obvious, from the annual flood damage to crops, to a school that is struggling as the sole teacher leaves during the rainy season. Profiling Pedro, Esther and their father in beautifully shot scenes interspersed with footage from Esther’s camcorder, the film details the region’s agricultural destruction as well as the human impact of the annual flooding.


Laura Herrero Garvín - Director

With studies of cinema and image in Spain, Mexico and the United States Laura arrived in Mexico in 2010 to work as director, photographer and editor in different cinematographic projects, especially documentaries. He is a member of the audiovisual association La Sandía Digital and of the group EmergenciaMX, who work in the cinema for the restructuring of the social fabric and the defense of Human Rights. El Remolino is her first documentary feature as director. He is currently in the development phase of his new feature documentary, La Mami and studying a Master in Documentary Film in Barcelona.

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El Buzo / The Diver

Esteban Arrangoiz | Mexico | 2015 | Short Film | 16 min | G

A poetic portrait of Julio César Cú Cámara, the man whose daily descents into Mexico City’s sewers help to maintain one of the world’s largest sanitation systems.

Esteban Arrangoiz - Director

Born in Mexico City on October 19th, 1979. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Cultural Studies from Macquarie University, Australia and Filmmaking from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). In 2008, he participated in the first Talent Campus Guadalajara, specializing in documentary filmmaking. In 2012, he attended the Berlinale Talent Campus in Berlin. His short films have been exhibited at national and international film festivals. In 2010, his documentary Lerma River won the José Rovirosa Prize for Best Student Documentary and in 2011 a Mexican Academy Ariel Award for Best Short Documentary. With the short film The Dance of Three Woodlice, Arrangoiz won the Best Director Award at the Proyección Corta Festival 2013. His most recent documentary film, The Diver, won the 2015 Morelia International Film Festival’s Award for Best Short Documentary and the Aciertos Award for best short film in UNAM International Film Festival. At the moment he is working in his debut feature film.