Canadian Eco-Shorts Program

Sunday, October 22, 2017
The Al Green Theatre at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre
12:00 PM
Q&A following the films

These films deal with the changing Canadian environment, exploring forests, lakes, pipeline threats and even moose sex. Indigenous tribes and eco-activists work together to fight oil and timber companies and educate citizens in Hunting Giants, Lovesick and How to Stop a Pipeline. And if moose sex isn’t a Canadian topic, what is?


Hunting Giants

Steve Adams, Sean Horlor | Canada | 2017 | Short Film | 24 min | G | canleaf_small

A cinematic adventure to B.C.’s old-growth rainforest, where a former logging community seeks to reinvent itself and one thrill-seeking explorer seeks to climb Canada’s tallest tree.



Lauren Bridle | Canada | 2017 | Short Film | 27 min | G | canleaf_small

A formerly gorgeous lake in Ontario’s cottage country is the locale of this quietly devastating environmental short.

Steve Adams - Filmmaker

Lauren Bridle - Filmmaker

Born and raised in a remote part of Northern BC, Steve had little exposure to the outside world beyond the seven fuzzy channels beamed into the TV via the antenna on top of his family's house. Steve is a self-taught filmmaker who has worked on all positions in front and behind the camera. He spends hours trying to figure out what motivates people and why they do what they do, then figuring out the essence of a person's story and how that translates visually. Documentaries excite him and keep him up at night, which is terrible because he loves sleeping.

Sean Horlor - Filmmaker

Sean grew up exploring the ravines and backwoods of southern Vancouver Island. His parents gave him a journal and disposable camera at a young age to document a trip through the Canadian Rockies and he hasn't stopped telling stories since. He studied fine arts at the University of Victoria and went on to publish Made Beautiful By Use, then freelanced for The Globe and Mail and other media outlets. His adventures on all sides of the camera, including as the creator and host of Don't Quit Your Gay Job, have helped shape his voice as a documentary filmmaker. Sean is on the board of directors for DOC BC.

Growing up in Canada, Lauren Bridle developed an interest in Canadian history and geography. Her work aims to display Canada’s natural beauty but also to investigate the history of the land. Lauren specializes in environmental and landscape work, looking at how humans have shaped their surroundings. Lauren holds a BA in Journalism with a specialization in Broadcast Production from Carleton University and currently resides in Toronto.


How to Stop a Pipeline

Kip Pastor | Canada | 2017 | Short Film | 28 min | G | canleaf_small

An inspirational look at the First Nations and rural B.C. communities that have banded together in defiance of a proposed oil sands pipeline.


The Enlightened Redneck's Guide to Moose Sex

Craig Norris | Canada | 2017 | Short Film | 16 min | 18A | canleaf_small

Nikki Payne, brilliant comic and not-so-brilliant scientist, discovers that Nova Scotia’s moose will only avoid extinction if the overly developed land corridor to their prolific cousins in New Brunswick remains open. It’s no laughing matter.

Kip Pastor - Filmmaker

Craig Norris - Filmmaker

Kip is an award-winning filmmaker, who has directed, produced and written documentaries, commercials, music videos, and films that have played on television and worldwide, including the documentary In Organic We Trust. Kip is the EVP of Production at INDIGENOUS MEDIA, a next-gen studio founded by Jon Avnet (Black Swan, Risky Business, and Fried Green Tomatoes), Rodrigo Garcia (In Treatment, Albert Nobbs, and Last Days in the Desert) focused on producing original video content for a variety of platforms. Prior to Indigenous, Kip was the Vice President of Production and Digital Development at THIS IS JUST A TEST. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he worked at a major law firm in Washington, DC, the Wildlife Conservation Society in Vientiane, Laos, as an international trade consultant in Mexico City, and in Maryland doing development work for a History Channel show. Kip received his Masters in Fine Arts degree from the American Film Institute, and then became the Program Manager at Meaningful Media in Los Angeles. Committed to creating content that inspires change and increases understanding, he believes that filmmaking is the most effective medium to disseminate big ideas.

Craig Norris is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and owner of VideoBand Productions. His work, which primarily focuses on issues that relate to the environment, conservation and climate change, has been featured at dozens of film festivals around the world, screened at National Geographic Head Quarters in Washington, DC, exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum and toured nationally with Dr. David Suzuki. Aesthetically Norris’ work is very much inspired by post 1960s Magnum and National Geographic photographers. Read More