Friday, October 20, 2017
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Karina Holden |  Australia | 2017 | Documentary | 76 min | G

Shark experts, marine biologists, sustainability promoters and Greenpeace activists are all fighting to preserve the ecological integrity of the Pacific Ocean from Indonesia to Hawaii. Blue reveals shocking truths about the environment in Australia. The acclaimed Great Barrier Reef has had its coral cover halved in the past 30 years while the production of plastic bags is now over 50 million per year. Marine life is under constant threat, including sharks. Blue is “a chilling look at an environmental crisis of staggering proportions... Filmed over two years in Indonesia, the Philippines, Hawaii and Australia, Karina Holden’s documentary is a wake-up call, explaining in chilling detail the monumental negative impact that human activity is having on the world’s oceans, and the terrible consequences that await if it continues unchecked.” — Travis Johnson, Film Ink. Website


Karina Holden - Director

Growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Karina has spent her life in saltwater. Passionate about protecting nature, she studied science at Sydney University and then completed a Postgraduate degree in Conservation Biology from University of Queensland. Fieldwork led her to work on the Great Barrier Reef, the Simpson Desert and the wet tropics of the Northern Australia.

At the age of 23, Karina joined the Natural History Unit of the ABC where she worked for the next 7 years on blue chip wildlife documentaries as a researcher and eventually as a producer. Next, her spirit of adventure led her to living in Vietnam and Thailand for several years, where she made films in the Asian region for National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Returning to Australia, Karina continued making documentaries in many genres including wildlife, science and anthropology. This allowed her to travel to remote regions and tell unique stories of nature from tribal perspectives. With her 6 month old son, she spent time living with the Samburu tribe in Northern Kenya and gained a deeper insight into the importance of connection to land. Read More