The Story of Lucio

By Noé Sardet & Jean-Marc Abela


USC has provided the cash prize and the winning film will be premiered at the

17th annual Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival

October 18th to 23rd, 2016.

Director Jean-Marc Abela and Producer Noé Sardet have been chosen as winners of the 2016 Seed Pitch Competition. Abela And Sardet will receive $7000 to create the short animated film “THE STORY OF LUCIO, the seed who could see into the souls of others”.

The Seed Pitch winner was decided by a jury of representatives from USC Canada, Planet in Focus and members of the film industry.

We are thrilled that Planet in Focus has been able to participate in this exciting new program and to expand our support of Canadian filmmakers in creating environmentally themed films. We received many incredibly strong applications. Abela and Sardet’s concept for “THE STORY OF LUCIO” captured our imaginations and we are looking forward to premiering it at this year’s festival.”

Anne Mark, PiF Executive Director

“We are very pleased that USC found our story to be compelling for their outreach! Seeds and ecological farming are issues close to our hearts and we jump on any chance we get to shine a bit of light on these important matters. We are honoured to be a part of this partnership with Planet in Focus Film Festival which is the perfect venue to premier this film. We are very much looking forward to participating to the 2016 edition.”

– Jean-Marc Abela and Noé Sardet

About USC Canada:

USC Canada works with small-scale farmers in 12 countries including Canada to grow healthy food in ways that work with nature, build ecosystem resilience, and protect biodiversity. Explore USC Canada’s website for ideas at and our campaign.

Good food comes from good seeds. Farmers have selected, planted and saved an enormous variety of biodiverse seeds for thousands of years. Seeds are the underground heroes of agriculture, with a bearing on healthy soils, clean water, and climate. Seed saving is remarkably skilled and complex work but it is also vastly under-appreciated.