The Harold Greenberg Fund’s Green Screen Award

The Harold Greenberg Fund’s Green Screen Award is presented to a filmmaker or producer who has taken behind-the-scenes action to incorporate environmentally friendly film production practices into their film or television production. The award will be given to the most inspiring story and production that has resulted in reducing their environmental footprint. The winner will receive a $5,000 cash award.


The Harold Greenberg Fund’s Green Screen Award was co-presented to ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD by Suzanne Crocker and Walt Disney Studio’s TOMORROWLAND.

“Both productions demonstrate, in very different ways, a deep commitment to green practices in filmmaking. ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD shows us what it really looks like when a family of five makes choices to live off the grid in the wilderness for nine months and to be rigorously mindful of consumption and energy footprint. TOMORROWLAND by becoming a zero waste production, shows us that it is possible to implement green practices on a vast production scale”, said John Galway, The Harold Greenberg Fund.


William F. White International’s Green Pitch Award

This annual award is presented to a filmmaker who has made an outstanding pitch at our competition. The award is valued at over $10,000 in funding and services and is intended to support the development of a new project.


William F. White International’s Green Pitch Award goes to THE FUNGUS AMONG US by producers Karen Hawes and Joey Gill.


Paul Lewis – President of CTV’s Discovery Channels

Dan Lyon – Regional Feature Film Executive, Ontario & Nunavut Region, Telefilm Canada

Geoff Morrison – Producer and Green Pitch Winner 2013


Best International Feature film Award


2014 Best International Feature was awarded to RESISTANCE, Michael Graziano’s provocative look at how over-consumption of antibiotics over the past decades have rendered them ineffective


Sebastian Mez

Ryan Dyment

Tom Perlmutter


Best Canadian Feature Film Award


2014 Best Canadian Feature was awarded to JUST EAT IT. Filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jennifer Rustemeyer explore the issue of food waste from farm, through retail, all the way to the back of their own fridge by going on a dumpster diet.


Sucheta Rajagopal Chair

2012 Jennifer Baichwal Filmmaker

Jennifer Baichwal Director / Producer

Mark Terry Filmmaker & Explorer


The Mark Haslam Award

This award was established in honour of Mark Haslam, the founder of Planet in Focus. The award is given to any drama, documentary or experimental film programmed in the Festival that gives voice to individuals, communities, struggles or stories that are under-represented in the media and is made by a filmmaker who is a member or participant in that community, struggle or story. The selected work demonstrates the power to inspire reflection and positive action towards the social and ecological health of the planet.


The Mark Haslam Award was announced at the opening ceremonies and awarded to Alanis Obomsawin for her recent film TRICK OR TREATY?


Marc Glassman Programmer

Shannon Abel Programmer


Best Short Film Award (under 40 minutes)


2014 Best Short Film was awarded to ONCE UPON A TREE by director Marleen van der Werf whose beautiful story of an 11-year-old girl’s love for an oak tree sparks her to save a forest.


Caroline Underwood Senior Producer -The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, CBC

Greg Francis Filmmaker / Cinematographer
Melanie Mullen Producer