Best International Feature


By Sandrine Feydel & Denis Delestrac

If a ticket to a movie costs ten dollars, then how much does an hour of sunshine cost? Banking Nature looks at environmentalism from a unique angle and explores the value of nature. Perhaps the key to protecting the environment lies not in moral, ecological, or philosophical questions, but in economic ones. This provocative documentary investigates whether the same institutions that have caused recent economic meltdowns can ultimately propel the environmental movement. Read More

after the last river

Best Canadian Feature


By Victoria Lean

Vicki Lean has crafted a stunning documentary about the community of Attawapiskat and the impact diamond mining has had on the community. The multinational corporation De beers has opened a diamond mine on the band’s traditional territory, leading to promises of economic benefit and the risk of environmental damage. Lean interviews the First Nation’s leaders and community members, as well as the diamond mine and federal and provincial government representatives.  Read More


Mark Haslam Award


By Ernesto Cabellos Damian

In this striking documentary, we follow the journey of Nelida, a young Andean woman able to communicate with the spirits of the water. Beneath the lake in her village is Yanacocha, South America’s largest gold mine. Nelida’s fight takes her from the frontlines of resistance in her village, to law school in Lima in efforts to save her community in the court system. Parallel to Nelida’s story are similar struggles in Bolivia, and the story of Bibi, a Dutch jeweler who visits Peru to discover the origin of the gold she uses. Read More

nature rx

Best International Short


By Justin Bogardus

Presented in the form of a ubiquitous prescription drug advertisement, Nature Rx is both a refreshing and humorous look at what we value and how we interact with ourselves, each other, the world, and the immediate need for all of us to reconnect with nature in meaningful ways. Website

Screenshot 2015-09-10 12.11.03

Best Canadian Short


By Alex Hawley

Norma’s Story is a wonderful animated film about the Vuntut Gwitchin (People of the Lakes) First Nation, in the Yukon. The film is a personal story of the effects of climate change in the lifetime of community leader Norma Kassi.


Green Pitch Winner


By Sivana Vythilingum

Too often we forget that our species’ progress comes at the expense of wildlife we were once a part of. Through the eyes of individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping humans and large carnivores coexist, PREY will redefine what it means to be a predator, and what it means to be prey.

The filmmakers went home with $22,000 in cash and services sponsored by Fearless Films, SIM Digital, The Source Shop, Precision Transfer Technologies, PS Production Services, Vistek, Trinity Square Video, Eggplant Pictures, Mach Sound, Scenic Drive & Rush Cut.