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ATTEND a filmmaking workshop Thursday, February 15 at 4:30 – 8:00PM (pizza dinner included)

CREATE a short film with your class or Eco Club

SUBMIT the film for consideration to the Student Film Festival by May 14, 2018

The environmental filmmaking workshops for York Region elementary and high school teachers and educators are back! Applications will be open soon.

All York Region K-12 classes can submit their student-made environmental films (under 4 minutes) for consideration to the Student Film Festival on June 14, 2018. Details on the submission process and the Student Film Festival are available here.

Teachers, students and parents are invited to the red-carpet gala screening of the jury selected films. Take a look at last year’s Student Film Festival blog post for more details about the final event.



*This form is to be collected and retained by the participating school – it does not need to be submitted in digital or hard copy to Planet in Focus or EcoSchools.


*This form is to be collected and retained by the participating school – it does not need to be submitted in digital or hard copy to Planet in Focus or EcoSchools.


*Please scan (or take a picture of) this form and send a copy to schools@planetinfocus.org.


Schools participating in York Region Eco-Film Lab may have access to a class visit from a professional filmmaker to work directly with the students on their film project (2018 sessions pending confirmation of funding)

Mark Terry in Costa Rica 2

Mark Terry

Live-action filmmaking workshops

Mark Terry is an award-winning filmmaker, polar explorer and academic. He has made films and television programs in various genres such as documentary, science fiction, comedy, drama, adventure and even a western. He has filmed in both Antarctica and the Arctic and was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Greatest Explorers in 2015. Read More


James Buffin

Live-action filmmaking workshops

James Buffin is a filmmaker with over 26 years experience, working on movies, tv shows, commercials, music videos and documentaries shooting across North America, South America, Asia and the South Pacific. The theme of his current work is disaster/recovery, both environmental and personal. Current projects include Read More

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Kathy Shultz

Animation Filmmaker

Kathy Shultz has been working in film and television for over 10 years. Her award winning stop motion animated short “A Sea Turtle Story” (Official Selection- TIFF KIDS 2012,Golden Apple – for Best Animated Film 2013 at ZLIN FILM FESTIVAL, Professional Jury Award- PLEIN LA BOBINE FILM FESTIVAL)  Read More

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Animation Workshop

Join filmmaker Kathy Shultz to create environmentally themed animations in the classroom. Learn about basic principles of stop motion animation, story, building and filming. Choose from pixilation, claymation and paper cut outs in a fun but educational workshop for all ages. Time permitting, Kathy can screen her award winning stop motion animated film “A Sea Turtle Story” and host a question and answer (Q andA).


 2016 Eco-Film Lab Playlist

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